Text 13 Apr Plimsolls

About a week ago I made an awesome discovery. In one moment, all memories of snowmen, shivering and skidding were chucked away. Summertime had arrived, and it was only a click away! Flossy Plimsolls, the footwear craze that had taken over the Mediterranean during the 08/09 Ibiza season, had arrived in the UK, and I could finally get my hands on a pair!

      I first came across Flossy Shoes on holiday in Spain. A guy I met in in a bar owned a blue pairand I became slightly obsessed by them, asking him repeatedly to sell them to me, or at least allow me to borrow them for the remainder of my stay. He wasn’t having any of it. I don’t blame him. The plimsolls are simple, stylish, eccentric, fun—and most importantly—ridiculously comfortable. And now, at last, I have my very own pair!

      I got them through the website www.flossyplimsolls.co.uk, which is owned by Frenzi Wear Ltd. Just like the plimsolls, the site is simple but effective, providing clear navigation and easy payment options. There are twelve colours of Flossy Plimsolls to choose from; I ordered a blazing orange colour for myself, and I bought my girlfriend a pink pair. 

      I ordered the two pairs on a Wednesday, using a Visa card. The price was very reasonable, and the postage was cheap considering I was buying two pairs. The ordering and payment process was straightforward and only took a few minutes. The plimsolls arrived the next day via Royal Mail 1st class, and in perfect condition. I’m chuffed with them, as is my girlfriend, who now shares my obsession, and we can be seen wearing our new shoes everywhere we go: beach, gym and cinema included! We’ve got a holiday to Majorca lined up for next month so the timing couldn’t be better. The plimsolls will be perfect for the boat trips we have planned!

      I really would recommend Flossy Plimsolls to anyone who enjoys funky, comfy and colourful footwear. They’re ideal for casual wear, holiday wear, or just for chilling out at home. And now there’s talk on the site of some limited edition plimsolls being made for the summer, with special hand-made designs and patterns, not available anywhere else! The time is right to go Flossy. You won’t regret it! 

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